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Planned Giving

You really care about some things, and in fact you care so much that you would like them to continue and thrive even after you are gone. Thats what we mean when we say Planned Giving - we mean that you are making gifts that youve thought about ahead of time and planned for, so that they will make a difference in the future.

You might choose to plan these gifts because the process allows you to express your personal values. Perhaps you wish to express your ideas of stewardship even after your mortal body has passed away. It might be that you want to express your commitment to a cause in which you deeply believe and truly care, and you want to show your love by removing the burden of making these decisions from your loved ones when you die. 

On the right side of this page, you’ll see some ways you can plan for St. Paul’s to benefit in your death. In addition, you’ll find some things you can do now to remember special events in your life and in the lives of loved ones.

Memorial Garden

Commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and envision the future of St. Paul’s... Preserve your memories in the Memorial Garden! Honor a loved one. Acknowledge a special occasion in your life, such as a birth, baptism, wedding, or graduation. Celebrate your lasting connection with St. Paul’s. Buy a brick for either $100 or $200.

  1. Download the brochure and order form. 

  2. View the clip art.

  3. Pay online with credit card or bank transfer or write a check.

  4. Return the order form by mail or email.



Plan for a final resting place for you and loved ones... Cremation has become increasingly accepted among Christians as practical manner of permanent disposition of a person’s mortal remains. There is less and less land available for use as cemeteries, and cemeteries require expensive maintenance and are increasingly the targets of vandalism.

Participants purchase exclusive rights to single-urn niches for a one-time cost of $400. Individuals not affiliated with St. Paul’s may purchase the right for $2,000. After the individual’s death, a bronze nameplate will be added to the front of the niche so that the resting place of their interred ashes may be located. The cost for this nameplate depends on our supplier’s cost, and will be at the current market rate. The estate or loved ones should plan for this fee.

  1. Download the brochure and application. [coming soon]

  2. Contact the church office at 716.632.8221 for details.

  3. Return the application and payment by mail.

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